Planning an Autumnal wedding

    Embracing the enchanting allure of an Autumn wedding is a timeless choice, and we can’t help but adore the reasons behind its popularity. The rich, golden hues of autumnal foliage, the comforting warmth of hot chocolate, and the cozy evenings make it an ideal season to exchange vows. In this blog, we explore three distinct color schemes perfectly suited for an Autumn wedding – each capturing the essence of the season.

    1. Berry Bliss: Luxurious jewel tones, with a focus on sumptuous berry accents, create a captivating color scheme for your Autumn celebration. Imagine the allure of raspberry red lipstick, the richness of cranberry red cocktails, and the soft elegance of berry-hued blooms. Together, they form a beautiful palette that embodies the warmth and richness of the season.


    2. Rustic Elegance: For couples drawn to the idea of an earthy, rustic theme, Autumn provides the perfect backdrop. This theme comes to life with neutral and beige accents, complemented by abundant wooden elements. From wooden signs directing guests to tree slices serving as cake stands, and wooden crates as centrepieces – this theme exudes a natural and cozy charm. Consider dressing bridesmaids in neutral tones to harmonize with your bridal look, while a groom in a beige tweed suit adds a touch of warmth as the evening cools.


    3. Copper Glamour: Metallic hues, particularly bronze or copper, take center stage in the Autumn wedding scene. Introducing a touch of glamour, copper shades elevate your color scheme effortlessly. Copper geometric vases make stunning table centrepieces, especially when paired with coordinating cutlery and plates. For a fashionable aisle style, consider copper jewelery, and set the tone for your special day with copper-embossed invitations.


    As you envision your dream Autumn wedding, consider which color scheme resonates with you the most. Whether it’s the opulence of berries, the rustic charm of neutrals, or the glamour of copper, each scheme offers a unique and beautiful way to capture the essence of this enchanting season.